Digital Services

Businesses are considering Digital Solutions in the areas of AI, IOT Mobility and Blockchain as the future platforms for building enterprise solutions. Recommendation/Prediction is the need of the hour for making informed business decisions.

Our Digital Transformation (DT) framework is focussed towards aligning the digital solutions for enterprise goals and realizing ROI sooner. We help customers define their Digital Strategy, work with end users for defining UX and User Acquisition process and deliver continuously (CI/CD).

Our Agile-based continuous delivery process ensures real-time feedback from the end users regularly. We focus heavily on getting the UX right by empathizing with end users and using proven processes like Usability Engineering, Content Strategy, Information Architecture and Interface Design.

JKT’s Digital Transformation Framework

JKT’s Digital Transformation Framework

We have experience and expertise in wide range of digital technologies including AI, IOT and Mobile Apps/Progressive web. We work with our customers to define or align the existing tech stack along with future technology landscape.

With our Digital Lab in place with brightest of the technology minds work together to provide positive surprises to our customers, do POCs/R&D, keep the innovation engine rolling and help the delivery teams in resolving complex technical tasks.

Our other Digital Services which we offer: