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Azure Cloud Migration

Azure provides a proven way to migrate your IT infrastructure to cloud, allow businesses to focus on their core business model and leave the management of the environment to Azure to a greater extent.

Challenges with EDI in Supply Chain Industry

Challenges With EDI in Supply Chain Industry

Mohit Gupta   
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Jan 06

Know how Azure logic app solves the EDI challenges and provides easy way for validation, error handling and notifications.

debt collection outbound customer contact strategy

Debt Collection and Outbound Customer Contact Strategy

Everyone is living under debt in today’s era so collecting the outstanding debt and making the profit has been a real pain in neck of the debt collecting agencies.

Multilingual Chatbot

Multilingual Chatbot

Multilingual Chatbots engage customers in their native language and boost the conversions & brand loyalty. More importantly, it can also help users feel right at home and improve customer experience.

Extending Visual Basic Legacy Application Without Migration

Rupesh Kumar   
Jul 22

Many of the classic Visual Basic 6 application are not ready to jump on migration to .Net world so in this situation any enhancement or upgradation to these application is like a nightmare to fulfill business requirement.

IoT – Smart AC Controller

The main idea behind science and technology is to make lives simpler and easier. One might forget where the AC remote-control is or might want to control multiple ACs in a building from anywhere on the globe, luckily now we have a convenient solution to these problems.

Deep Learning Framework Comparison

Every business wants to scale up their AI competency, one thing is crucial to realize that the technology they choose to work with must be paired with an adequate deep learning framework, since each framework has a different purpose.


How a No-code Software Drove One of India’s Largest State-wide Digital Transformation Project?

Sumit Hazra   
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May 15

Digital transformation is better expressed as the amalgamation of digital technology into all the line-of-business, intrinsically..

Consensus in Hyperledger Fabric

Most of the blockchain frameworks like Ethereum are permission-less framework with no trust among the peers. Thus…

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