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IoT - Connected Devices Network

IoT – Connected Devices Network

Ankur Gupta   
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Sep 11

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of connected devices (also known as “smart devices”) and other items embedded with…

IoT Business Transformation Launchpad

The objective of this blog is to provide an understanding of various aspects of an IoT Solution.

To Hardsell or Aid the Purchase – The Service Providers’ Conundrum !

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Sep 05

The tectonic shift in today’s IT market dynamics has created a complicated situation for service providers with deep rooted DNA of ‘selling’ services…

Smart Supply Chain

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Aug 29

The other day I was attending an analyst briefing on digital innovation where the host kept on dropping names…

How Seceon Open Threat Management platform is different from competitors and deserves recognition

RK Kamra   
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Aug 25

Today, in the world that has been plagued by security threats, Seceon, after much brainstorming..

Benefits of Having Android Based Point Of Sale System

Point of sale software is suitable for all businesses despite their size. Most of the emerging POS systems use mobile technology…

Impact of Mobility in the CPG Industry

External forces and internal choices affect CPG companies with some of the common challenges being volatile demand…

Beacon App Development Challenges and How to Overcome These Problems

Creating a beacon app comes with a number of challenges for sure. For instance, for a business should really profit from the app…

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