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Architecture of a Hyperledger Fabric Based DApp

As Blockchain for business gathers steam, different frameworks have come up to cater to varied business requirements.

How Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Customer Services?

Customer Service is an integral part of services industry. Traditionally, it has been catered to by call centers run by the companies or third party entities.

How REAL is AI for My Business?, Artificial Intelligence, AI

How REAL is AI for My Business?

In a recently conducted Artificial Intelligence Webinar, I talked about AI and its relevance from a business perspective. Many of the business leaders and managers have questions like…

Unlocking Progress Webservices: 2

In my previous blog I shared some of the challenges I faced while integrating Progress application with other 3rd party applications through webservices..

User Experience Design

UX Design, also known as user experience design or interaction design, is an integral part and a crucial step in software product development. Despite being a significant aspect in software product development…

Technology Overdose: Is AI/RPA/IoT/Others Being Sold a Bit Too Much?

While we know the advantages and values of technologies like AI, RPA, IOT (or likes) to the business, are these being sold a bit too much? Are business users really getting…

Unlocking Progress Webservices: 1

We often need to use Webservices to integrate with the other application. In this blog, I am going to discuss the business problem we faced while integrating with…

Decision Making Factors for Selecting an Appropriate Process to Automate

By removing Human labor to provide additional capacity for more strategic work, RPA simply creates more value with less…

How Does Cloud-Based Security Work

amit kumar   
Oct 20

Cloud security refers to a wide a wide range of strategies and policies formulated to provide controls to protect data applications…

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