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Benefits of Having Android Based Point Of Sale System

Point of sale software is suitable for all businesses despite their size. Most of the emerging POS systems use mobile technology…

Impact of Mobility in the CPG Industry

External forces and internal choices affect CPG companies with some of the common challenges being volatile demand…

Beacon App Development Challenges and How to Overcome These Problems

Creating a beacon app comes with a number of challenges for sure. For instance, for a business should really profit from the app…

Why Retailers Should Choose Beacons Over Other Technologies for Interacting with Shoppers

Mixing business and pleasure might not be the most prudent thing to do, but the same cannot be said when it is…

How to Select Right Tools for Legacy Application Transformation?

prabhu jha   
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Aug 23

As defined on mobilize.net, “a legacy application may be defined as any application on older technologies and…

SAP HANA Cloud Platform: Overview

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Aug 22

SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is a Platform as a Service model meant for creating new applications…

SMART Supply Chain Solutions: Overview & Benefits

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Aug 22

In this modern age, one of the greatest hurdles to operation success in enterprises, industries and institutions…

DevOps with Testing: Impact and Benefits

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Aug 21

DevOps is usually complex, time and resource intensive. It is an endeavor that faces numerous challenges including…

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